The Big Picture

Industry status report & acknowledgements

Session #1

Fulfilling the Dream: Space Tourism Takes Off

Now it’s real. The space tourism industry has launched its 2nd generation with private enterprise offerings. In the next few years we expect passengers to fly in sub-orbit. Market research, polling, news consumption and purchases around recent achievements in space tourism underscore the huge untapped demand for life changing space experiences.

Those with the resources to fly to space have led the way, soon to be followed by Earth adventurers who regard reaching space as their next life quest after travelling to Earth’s most exotic and remote places. A much broader cohort want to experience the ultimate holiday experience—outer space and then the Moon via orbital luxury hotels and super yachts.

In this session, providers offering consumers the chance to see our beautiful planet from a unique perspective share how they’re bringing the “Overview Experience” to market.

Session #2

Financing the Frontier: Pioneering Capitalists Boldly Venture Forth

The global space industry is expected to generate revenue of $1.1 trillion+ in 2040. Analysts say that by 2030 outer space travel will represent an annual market of at least $20 billion, and by 2025 the space tourism market will register a 16.6% CAGR. Early adopters answer a resounding “Yes!” to the offer: “Do you want to go?” To date, space tourism has been by far the most profitable space service in history, the initial group of tourists spending upwards of $45M to visit the International Space Station (ISS) in Earth orbit.  The market is hot—a wide open ‘Wild West’ prompting 12+ billionaires to start or invest in space experience companies. According to the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is valued at $30B+ dollars.

More broadly, developers have many Earth-based space, Mars and Moon themed attractions and resorts in the works, valued at billions within the decade.

Industry finance experts discuss these opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Session #3

Places in Space: Building Infrastructure & Destinations

As with any wide open opportunity, space beckons as an attractive area for development. Private enterprise companies are financing and designing the underpinnings and structures to create, deliver and operate commercial services and tourism. Companies with expertise in aerospace, architecture, research, testing, manufacturing, design, construction, transportation, utilities, real estate, and marketing bring decades of knowledge and innovation to this burgeoning sector. The first wave is set to include company space stations, habitats for enterprise and government use, extending from there to consumer-centric destinations such as orbital super yachts and ultimately luxury space resorts.

Hear from the leaders making the commercial space economy possible.

Session #4

Entertainment & Space: An Epically Profitable Romance

Once upon a time, stories set in space provided inspiration and creative blueprints which real science reformulated into industrial activity. The Star Wars franchise alone has earned $56B+, with others such as Star Trek, the Marvel universe, IMAX movies and many television/comics/games properties generating billions more. The galactic power of storytelling continues, but now the flow also works the other way as advances in space and technology drive innovation in Hollywood, location based entertainment, museums and other forms of recreation.

Movies, music, television, books, games, and the arts foster wonder and engender demand for earth-based simulations and IRL space tourism.  The advent of consumer earth-based space-themed experiences is worth billions in space—and Mars/future-themed amusement parks, attractions and resorts. Completing the virtuous circle, experiential and immersive digital media technology in turn can support the IRL (training, simulations) and virtual aspects to this emerging industry.

Hollywood, media and entertainment executives examine the synergy between art and commerce in space tourism along with the promotional impact space-themed entertainment has on stimulating demand.

Session #5

Brands Off World: Forging Space Lifestyles

Consumer goods, products and services brands have long understood the power of the stars to stimulate the imagination and aspiration. Savvy brands understand that aligning with futurism—specifically space travel and tourism—enhances their brand position, prestige, and perhaps longevity. The initial wave of space tourists will represent the high income demographic, those with means seeking luxury and leisure. And first among those likely will be famous, human celebrity ‘stars’ cruising Earth orbit in orbital super yachts like today they cruise the oceans in ultra-luxury and style.

Panelists outline how every sector has its place in the space tourism economy: hospitality, design, music, transportation, fashion, leisure, food, drink, apparel, sports, romance, social activity plus much more.

Session #6

Space Tourism: Preserving & Celebrating Humanity

Led by experts in the “Overview Effect,” this session examines the societal risks, benefits and potential outcomes in creating this exciting giant leap for humanity. Philosophical, ethical and practical considerations intertwine for our species in planning for a robust space tourism industry. Issues we grapple with now, such as education, artistic expression, ‘green’ practices, diversity, health, tech addiction, politics, indeed the very nature of existence, become amplified in space. Where do the opportunities and pitfalls lie? What is likely to evolve for us humans in this space tourism space?